• “I have never been to a seminar, where the discussion goes
    so deep around common industry challenges”
    Sten Estrup, Executive Vice President Christian Hansen, 2016

  • “An enormous learning experience”
    Gerald Wilfingseder, General Manager Gold Coin Group, 2016

  • “Excellent content, facilitation and format – outstanding”
    Tim Hart, CEO Ridley Corporation, 2016

  • “Tremendous opportunity to share experiences and perspectives”
    Simon Cheng, Managing Director BRF, 2016

  • “Thank you for the seminar, so much learning”
    Akiko Seyoum, CEO Orchid Business Group, 2016

  • “Much beyond my expectations – I will surely return”
    Gustavo Grobocopatel, Chairman Los Grobo, 2013

  • “Rich, useful, time extremely well invested”
    Stefano Vlahovic, CEO Produkti Pitania, 2011

  • “This is for people who want to get things done.”
    Hans Roelofs, CEO Refresco, 2009

  • “I have not been to an event yet where we got into the real issues so deep so fast.”
    Lennart Holm, CEO Perstorp, 2007

  • “There has not been one case that did not inspire me.”
    Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco 2007

  • “Excellent. We should have had such a seminar much earlier”
    Hugh Grant, CEO Monsanto 2005

  • “It has been an inspiration, very well done, an audience of 50 likeminded peers that really ask relevant questions and it has helped me accelerate my thinking”
    Christoffer Lorenzen, EVP Chr. Hansen, 2017

  • “I did numerous studies, maybe hundreds of Harvard cases but this was one of the best I’ve ever read”
    Markus Länzlinger, CEO Migrolino, 2017

  • “Really enjoyed the seminar, very good cases, very good interactions, very practical, very lively and high-speed”
    Jeroen Wakkermann, CFO Nutreco, 2017


18 June 2017

  • 15:00  |  Reception and Registration
  • 16:00  |  Opening and Welcome by Prof. Dr. Peer Ederer
  • 16:10  |  Key Note Speech: Considered and Courageous Innovation by Prof. Dr. Louise O Fresco, President Wageningen University
  • 17:00  |  Newsflash Case: Shareholder Value and Sustainability Observations and discussion with José Lopez, former COO Nestlé
  • 18:00  |  Stroll along Lake Zurich to the Horgen pier and to the MS Albis
  • 18:30  |  Boat tour on Lake Zurich; dinner on the boat; study groups on the boat
  • 19:00  |  Boat tour on Lake Zürich on the MS Albis – to include dinner and study group sessions
  • 22:30  |  Return to Horgen pier and end-of-day 

19 June 2017

  • 08:30  |  Danone: Corporate Branding and CSR
    Presented by: Ms. Nadine Küster, General Secretary D-A-CH region
  • 10:00  |  Break
  • 10:30  |  Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company: Global Values; Unique Style
    Presented by: Dr. Abdul Rahman Jawahery, President
  • 12:00  |  Lunch and Study Groups
  • 14:30  |  Chr Hansen: Consumerism and the Dynamics of Innovation
    Presented by: Mr. Christoffer Lorenzen, Executive Vice President Cultures & Enzymes
  • 16:00  |  Break
  • 16:30  |  Future of Food and Agribusiness 2027
    Case presentation and discussion by Prof. Dr. Peer Ederer
  • 18:00  |  Summary of the day
  • 18:30  |  Lakeside BBQ and study groups
  • 22:30  |  End-of-day

20 June 2017

  • 08:30  |  Migrolino: Small is Fast and Beautiful
    Presented by: Mr. Markus Laenzlinger, CEO
  • 10:00  |  Break
  • 10:30  |  Grupo Calvo: Steady in Turbulent Times
    Presented by: Mr. Alberto Encinas, Managing Director Europe and Central America
  • 12:00  |  Lunch
  • 13:30  |  Fair Trade International: Creating Impact
    Presented by: Mr. Fabian Waldmeier, Director International Partnerships
  • 15:00  |  Bus to Appenzell
    Visit to the traditional town of Appenzell, to include a tour and tasting at Appenzeller Alpenbitter (specialty liquor from the region) and dinner at traditional restaurant Rössli
  • 22:30  |  Return and conclusion of program