• “I have never been to a seminar, where the discussion goes
    so deep around common industry challenges”
    Sten Estrup, Executive Vice President Christian Hansen, 2016

  • “An enormous learning experience”
    Gerald Wilfingseder, General Manager Gold Coin Group, 2016

  • “Excellent content, facilitation and format – outstanding”
    Tim Hart, CEO Ridley Corporation, 2016

  • “Tremendous opportunity to share experiences and perspectives”
    Simon Cheng, Managing Director BRF, 2016

  • “Thank you for the seminar, so much learning”
    Akiko Seyoum, CEO Orchid Business Group, 2016

  • “Much beyond my expectations – I will surely return”
    Gustavo Grobocopatel, Chairman Los Grobo, 2013

  • “Rich, useful, time extremely well invested”
    Stefano Vlahovic, CEO Produkti Pitania, 2011

  • “This is for people who want to get things done.”
    Hans Roelofs, CEO Refresco, 2009

  • “I have not been to an event yet where we got into the real issues so deep so fast.”
    Lennart Holm, CEO Perstorp, 2007

  • “There has not been one case that did not inspire me.”
    Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco 2007

  • “Excellent. We should have had such a seminar much earlier”
    Hugh Grant, CEO Monsanto 2005

  • “It has been an inspiration, very well done, an audience of 50 likeminded peers that really ask relevant questions and it has helped me accelerate my thinking”
    Christoffer Lorenzen, EVP Chr. Hansen, 2017

  • “I did numerous studies, maybe hundreds of Harvard cases but this was one of the best I’ve ever read”
    Markus Länzlinger, CEO Migrolino, 2017

  • “Really enjoyed the seminar, very good cases, very good interactions, very practical, very lively and high-speed”
    Jeroen Wakkermann, CFO Nutreco, 2017

Previous Case Studies


Migrolino – Key Questions: Achieving profitable growth in a disruptive business environment; how to create new business models; how to respond to a value chain reconfiguration; superior consumer experience
Presented by: Mr Markus Laenzlinger, Chief Executive Officer

Group Calvo – Key Questions: Competing in mature vs. emerging markets; seeking value in low-cost private label environments; building a global competitive position; thriving with unsecured fishery inputs
Presented by: Mr Alberto Encinas, General Manager Europe

Gulf Petroleum Industries Company (GPIC) – Key Questions: Maintaining and excelling with a high performance organization; expanding into new businesses; values-driven stakeholders management; superior financial performance
Presented by: Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery, President
Danone – Key Questions: How to build brand loyalty in context of mistrust; how to respond to the challenge of identity marketing; how to gain and maintain trust of the food consumer and create value for both
Presented by: Ms Nadine Küster, General Secretary DACH
Chr. Hansen
– Key Questions: How to establish effective communication with the final end consumer? How to position a company as a B2B2C company? How to build branding and marketing competence as an intermediate supplier?

Presented by: Christoffer Lorenzen, Executive Vice President

Fairtrade International – Key Questions: How to build new business models? How to enlarge the organization and its scope of activities without losing the core identity? How to compete against other value propositions? How to maintain and grow stakeholder commitment?
Presented by: Fabian Waldmeier, Director for International Cooperation at Fairtrade Switzerland

2014 – 2015

Evolva – Producing Functional Health, Wellness and Nutrition Ingredients in Yeast Using Fermentation
Presented by: Neil Goldsmith, CEO and Co-Founder

Warburtons – From Neighbourhood Bakery to National Icon
Presented by: Chairman, Jonathan Warburton and Brett Warburton, Executive Director

Ceva – Together, Beyond Animal Health
Presented by: Marc Prikazsky, CEO and co-owner

CRV – Strategizing for New Opportunity - Reloaded
Presented by: Roald van Noort, CEO

Los Grobo, McDonald's India and ForFarmers – The Challenge of Customer Centricity

2012 – 2013

Barry Callebaut – The Way Forward
Presented by: Juergen Steinemann, CEO

ForFarmers – How to be the Apple of Feed
Presented by: Bert-Jan Ruumpol, CEO

Land O’Lakes – Balancing a Portfolio of Opportunities in a Global Agricultural Marketplace
Presented by: Chris Policinski, CEO and President

Los Grobo – Agribusiness Value systems for the Future
Presented by Gustavo Grobocopatel, Chairman, founder and majority owner

McDonald’s India – Increasing the Pace of Growth to Stay Ahead in the Indian Business marathon
Presented by Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman and co-owner, and Smita Jatia, Managing Director and co-owner

Plukon – Expansion into New Markets
Presented by Peter Poortinga, CEO and co-owner

CRV – Strategizing for New Opportunity
Presented by: Roald van Noort, CEO

Walmart – Building a Healthier Food Choice Architecture
Presented by: Jack Sinclair, EVP Food Division, and Andrea Thomas, SVP Sustainability

Sime Darby – Feed the World and Protect the Forests
Presented by: Franki Anthony, EVP palm oil division

Terra Viva – Present Circumstances, Future Impact: Taking Responsibility for the Future
Presented by: President Kees Schoenmaker

2010 – 2011

FrieslandCampina – Create, Care, Change – Together
Presented by: Kees Wantenaar /Piet Boer, Chairman of the FrieslandCampina Cooperative

Incotec – Creating and Managing Value in the Value Chain
Presented by: Jan-Willem Breukink, CEO

Ceva – World Health at Stake – Who cares? Who pays? Who takes the lead?
Presented by: Marc Prikazsky, CEO and co-owner

Bunge – Shaping and Sharing Issues in the Public Space
Presented by: Alberto Weisser, CEO

Produkti Pitania – More Control in a Volatile Business Environment
Presented by: Stefano Vlahovic, CEO, founder and majority owner

Fonterra – Dairy Partner to the World
Presented by: Jonathan Mason, CFO

Sofiprotéol – Diversifying for Value
Presented by: Michel Boucly, Deputy CFO

Interflour – Aligning Strategies to Sustain Growth
Presented by: Danny Hoe, CFO

Terra Viva – Farming in a Globalizing World
Presented by: Kees Schoenmaker, President and co-owner

Frosta – Treating Food the Way Grandmother Did
Presented by: Felix Ahlers, CEO and co-owner

John Deere – Driving for Systematic Customer Solutions
Presented by: John Keeler, Manager Strategic Planning Europe, Africa & Middle East at Deere & Company

2008 – 2009

FrieslandCampina – Entering Uncharted Milk Territory
Presented by: Cees 't Hart, CEO

Jerónimo Martins – Virtues of Simplicity
Presented by: Luiz Palha, CEO

Refresco – Size Matters: The Pursuit of Value Creation
Presented by: Hans Roelofs, CEO and co-owner, and Aart Duijzer, CFO and co-owner

DSM – Building New Value on the Foundation of Old Strengths
Presented by: Stephan Tanda, Member of Executive Board

Perdigão – The Makings of a New Global Consumer Foods Company
Presented by: José Fay, CEO

Yara – Making a Business out of the African Green Revolution
Presented by: Thorleif Enger, former CEO

Kikkoman – Patient Pioneering of Global Frontiers
Presented by: Masanao Shimada, Executive Corporate Officer

John Deere – Driving East to Sustain Growth: John Deere Water Technologies
Presented by: Markwart von Pentz, President Agriculture and Turf Equipment

2006 – 2007

DuPont Agriculture and Nutrition Division – Technology that Changes the World
Presented by: Erik Fyrwald, Group Vice President

Perstorp AB – Creating Value with Biofuels
Presented by: Lennart Holm, Chairman

Flora Holland – A Dutch Merger in the Face of Globalization
Presented by: Timo Huges, CEO

Smithfield Foods – Achieving Leadership in the Global Protein Complex
Presented by: Larry Pope, CEO; Joe Luter III. Chairman

Danone – Setting the Pace in Health and Growth
Presented by: Antoine Giscard d’Estaing, CFO

Ethiopia – Agriculture-led Industrialization for the Next Millennium
Presented by: Tadesse Haile, State Minister Government of Ethiopia

Sodexho Alliance – Eating into New Markets
Presented by: Hans Rijnierse, CEO Benelux

FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition – Food Safety in a Globalizing World
Presented by: Robert Brackett, Director

Nutreco – Creating Value with Feed as a Hinge
Presented by: Wout Dekker, CEO

Nestlé – Water Management Strategy: A New Competitive Advantage
Presented by: Hans Jöhr, Corporate Head Agriculture, President SAI

2004 – 2005

Rabobank – Financing a World of Agribusiness and Agriculture: Rabobank’s Country Banking Strategy
Presented by: Rik van Slingelandt, Executive Board Member

Monsanto – Biotechnology Leadership in Europe
Presented by: Hugh Grant, CEO and President

Landgut Nemt, Anthura BV and Riverford Organic Vegetables Ltd – Farming in Europe
Presented by René Döbelt, Iwan van der Knaap, Guy Watson, farmers

British Sugar – The New EU Sugar Regime and British Sugar plc’s Strategic Options
Presented by: Mark Carr, Managing Director

Sovion – Reshaping the Meat Industry in Europe
Presented by: Ton Lammers, CFO

Paul Fürst – Premium Wines
Presented by: Paul Fürst, owner

Gold Kist Inc – Breaking New Ground
Presented by: John Bekkers, CEO and President

Pyaterochka – Creation of a world class company
Presented by: Victor Beliakov, CFO

EFSA – Strengthening the Global Food Safety System
Presented by: Herman Koëter, Executive Director

Unilever – Care in Action: Unilever's IBF new positioning to regain its European customer base
Presented by: Kees van der Graaf, President Europe