• “I have never been to a seminar, where the discussion goes
    so deep around common industry challenges”
    Sten Estrup, Executive Vice President Christian Hansen, 2016

  • “An enormous learning experience”
    Gerald Wilfingseder, General Manager Gold Coin Group, 2016

  • “Excellent content, facilitation and format – outstanding”
    Tim Hart, CEO Ridley Corporation, 2016

  • “Tremendous opportunity to share experiences and perspectives”
    Simon Cheng, Managing Director BRF, 2016

  • “Thank you for the seminar, so much learning”
    Akiko Seyoum, CEO Orchid Business Group, 2016

  • “Much beyond my expectations – I will surely return”
    Gustavo Grobocopatel, Chairman Los Grobo, 2013

  • “Rich, useful, time extremely well invested”
    Stefano Vlahovic, CEO Produkti Pitania, 2011

  • “This is for people who want to get things done.”
    Hans Roelofs, CEO Refresco, 2009

  • “I have not been to an event yet where we got into the real issues so deep so fast.”
    Lennart Holm, CEO Perstorp, 2007

  • “There has not been one case that did not inspire me.”
    Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco 2007

  • “Excellent. We should have had such a seminar much earlier”
    Hugh Grant, CEO Monsanto 2005

  • “It has been an inspiration, very well done, an audience of 50 likeminded peers that really ask relevant questions and it has helped me accelerate my thinking”
    Christoffer Lorenzen, EVP Chr. Hansen, 2017

  • “I did numerous studies, maybe hundreds of Harvard cases but this was one of the best I’ve ever read”
    Markus Länzlinger, CEO Migrolino, 2017

  • “Really enjoyed the seminar, very good cases, very good interactions, very practical, very lively and high-speed”
    Jeroen Wakkermann, CFO Nutreco, 2017

Program Managers


The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is an autonomous, non-profit joint venture established in 1994 under an agreement between the Chinese government and the European Commission. Headquartered in Shanghai, CEIBS has five campuses on three continents and it is one of the world's leading Business Schools. The CEIBS campuses and programs serve as meeting places for global business leaders looking for open dialogue and a stimulating learning environment.


Wageningen University

The mission of Wageningen UR is ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. Within the university, Wageningen Academy organizes courses and trainings for professionals who work in business or (semi)government. Our aim is to valorise the knowledge of the Wageningen community and to support participants of our programmes in their professional development. We therefore offer content based courses that focus on the Wageningen UR theme’s, and we offer trainings and courses that focus on development of skills and qualities.


Associate Partners

Instituto Internacional San Telmo

Instituto Internacional San Telmo has been educating business owners and top executives of the food chain since 1982. San Telmo is the only Advanced Management Training Centre in Europe specialized on the food system alone. The institute delivers more than 3000 study sessions per year. It offers various kinds of advanced training courses, an executive MBA program, tailor-made in-company programs and research services – all focused on the challenges and opportunities in the food and agribusiness sector.


Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft

As an open, international network, DLG (German Agricultural Society) supports progress in the agricultural, agribusiness and food sector worldwide through knowledge, quality and technology transfer to develop future-oriented solutions. It organizes leading international fairs and events in the fields of crop cultivation, animal husbandry, agricultural and forestry technology, energy supply and food technology. Its quality tests for foods as well as for agricultural machinery and equipment and farm inputs are international leaders in their fields. DLG repeatedly provides fresh impulses for practitioners.




Vion is an international meat producer with production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices in sixteen countries worldwide. Through its three divisions – Pork, Beef and Food Service – the company provides fresh pork and beef, and by-products for retail, foodservice and the meat processing industry. Vion has 11,500 employees, 4.7 billion Euros of sales, and processes 310,000 pigs and 17,700 cattle per week.

Vion has been a founding father supporter of EFAS since the year 2005, and was a case study in the year 2005. The EFAS team is proud to have Vion’s trust and confidence.



Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. Its advanced nutritional solutions are at the origin of food for millions of consumers worldwide. Experience across 100 years brings Nutreco a rich heritage of knowledge and expertise for building its future. Nutreco employs 11,000 people in 35 countries with net sales of 5.7 billion Euros in 2015. Its two global company brands Skretting (aquafeed) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition) have sales in over 90 countries.

Nutreco has been a founding father supporter of EFAS since the year 2005, and was a case study in the year 2007. The EFAS team is proud to have Nutreco’s trust and confidence.


Scientific Committee

Program Director
Prof Dr Peer Ederer

Visiting Professor, CEIBS Zurich Campus;
Professor for Human Capital, Growth and Innovation,
Zeppelin University.

Prof Dr Jack van der Vorst

Prof Dr Jack van der Vorst

Professor of Food Supply Chain Management, Wageningen University and Research

Prof Dr Jeffrey L. Sampler

Prof Dr Jeffrey L. Sampler

Professor of Management at CEIBS

Prof José Antonio Boccherini

Director Food and Agribusiness Department, San Telmo Institute,
Professor in Food and Agribusiness General Management