• “I have never been to a seminar, where the discussion goes
    so deep around common industry challenges”
    Sten Estrup, Executive Vice President Christian Hansen, 2016

  • “An enormous learning experience”
    Gerald Wilfingseder, General Manager Gold Coin Group, 2016

  • “Excellent content, facilitation and format – outstanding”
    Tim Hart, CEO Ridley Corporation, 2016

  • “Tremendous opportunity to share experiences and perspectives”
    Simon Cheng, Managing Director BRF, 2016

  • “Thank you for the seminar, so much learning”
    Akiko Seyoum, CEO Orchid Business Group, 2016

  • “Much beyond my expectations – I will surely return”
    Gustavo Grobocopatel, Chairman Los Grobo, 2013

  • “Rich, useful, time extremely well invested”
    Stefano Vlahovic, CEO Produkti Pitania, 2011

  • “This is for people who want to get things done.”
    Hans Roelofs, CEO Refresco, 2009

  • “I have not been to an event yet where we got into the real issues so deep so fast.”
    Lennart Holm, CEO Perstorp, 2007

  • “There has not been one case that did not inspire me.”
    Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco 2007

  • “Excellent. We should have had such a seminar much earlier”
    Hugh Grant, CEO Monsanto 2005

  • “It has been an inspiration, very well done, an audience of 50 likeminded peers that really ask relevant questions and it has helped me accelerate my thinking”
    Christoffer Lorenzen, EVP Chr. Hansen, 2017

  • “I did numerous studies, maybe hundreds of Harvard cases but this was one of the best I’ve ever read”
    Markus Länzlinger, CEO Migrolino, 2017

  • “Really enjoyed the seminar, very good cases, very good interactions, very practical, very lively and high-speed”
    Jeroen Wakkermann, CFO Nutreco, 2017

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The center piece of the China Food & Agribusiness Seminar are case studies researched and written specifically for this forum. The case studies portray current and top-of-the-agenda strategic challenges faced by the leadership of a company. Through discussion of these cases, the participants gain fresh perspectives on the industry and experience the company's challenges through the viewpoint of its leaders, many of whom will be present at the forum.

Discussions of these cases amongst peers in the industry provide valuable insights that participants can transfer to their own business situation. The cases presented are selected from across the entire agribusiness value chain and sectors. In total we will discuss four such case studies, in addition to a case-study oriented future technologies research report.



Key Questions: How to build brand loyalty in context of mistrust; how to respond to the challenge of identity marketing; how to gain and maintain trust of the food consumer and create value for both. 

The Company: Danone is a global food company with four business divisions: fresh dairy products, medical nutrition, early life nutrition and waters. The company is built on a strong heritage and consistent values. As early as 1972, former CEO Antoine Riboud reconciled business growth with corporate social responsibility. This strategy is the base for Danone’s mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. 

A top manager of Danone will present the case study on the opportunities and challenges to build and reinforce a global brand with local reach as part of a global effort to strengthen Danone's corporate image, identity and value creation.

Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen

Key Questions: How to establish effective communication with the final end consumer? How to position a company as a B2B2C company? How to build branding and marketing competence as an intermediate supplier? How to expand on a unique technology base?

The Company: Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company with leadership positions in a number of attractive niche markets. The company focuses exclusively on natural ingredients and is a leader in the dairy industry, which comprises approximately 50% of the company's EUR 1 billion turnover. The company estimates that more than one billion people in the world eat a product containing a Chr. Hansen ingredient every day. The stock markets values the company at 8x sales and 35x price/earnings.

Sven Estrup, Executive Vice President will present the case study and discuss about consumerism, the dynamics of innovation and how to combine strength in technology towards a strong brand and superior company performance.